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It All Comes to An End

December 13, 2012
English: Membership of the United States House...

English: Membership of the United States House of Representatives with number. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We certainly won’t forget about the other third of our government in this election so we will do a quick recap of the legislative branch as well. In the House of Representatives the Republicans had the opportunity to pick up 29 seats which would have helped them tremendously in their upcoming troubles. We’ll delve more into it after the break.

The House of Representatives had a more than likely opportunity to swing to the Republican majority for the first time in four years, but failed miserably. Where Republicans expected to win they got absolutely destroyed by the Democrats. Karl Rove, a leading Fox  News analyst, practically guaranteed these seats were going to swing the other way this election. Boy was he wrong. Karl Rove is now under a ton of heat from everyone, including his employer, for making his outlandish statements about how the election was going to go. He has already lost a few rights from coming back onto the Fox News Channel. It just goes to show you, you can never predict an outcome of an election.

The Republicans lost what they should have gained in the house and they lost even more seats that weren’t even supposedly contested. The Republicans were absolutely blindsided this year by themselves. They shot themselves too many times in the foot and finally they have bled out. They need to meet and reorganize before they do anything else unless they want to lose even more voters. Too many controversial tactics which led to too many backfires.


It’s been fun!

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