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Florida Turns Blue

December 13, 2012
Bayfront in Blues

Miami Bayfront in Blues (Photo credit: deep shot)

Florida‘s votes have finally been tallied and it’s official, Obama has won that state too! Obama has now officially won in a landslide 332 to Romney‘s 206. This has been one of the largest wins in my generation’s presidential history. It’s quite fascinating that a man that was behind in the polls won the election in such a landslide.

Florida turned blue today for the Democrats and the election can finally come to an end. This has been the largest presidential victory margin since the first George Bush came into office. In hindsight, Romney has had an incredibly tough campaign to run, one in which that had so many problems. Romney’s party, the GOP did not help any either with its own controversial statements a few weeks before the election. I really would have wished that the election would have been closer. That way America would have been shown how important it is to vote on election day.

Obama won the election with over seven more million votes than Romney did and those final weeks Obama had trained for really helped. Obama’s voters came  out in full force and earned him the re-election. Obama’s team did a fantastic job as well. His Public Relations and Communications team did a superb job getting the word out and urging voters to get out there and let their voices be heard. Obama also sealed the deal with young voters again making it the majority of young voters voting Democrat three consecutive times, which has shown that those young voters will vote Democrat for the rest of their lives. Congratulations to Obama.

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