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Ohio Runs Blue

December 13, 2012
Map of Ohio highlighting Hamilton County

Map of Ohio highlighting Hamilton County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ohio surprisingly fell early to Obama where Karl Rove had guaranteed it would go red. Well Karl, I’ve got some unfortunate news for you buddy, it went blue and people aren’t going to be happy with you. This is almost certainly a dagger to Romney where he absolutely needed Ohio this late in the game.

Romney picked up an early lead during the early stages of the election but has now lost all of it and then some losing Ohio to Democratic candidate Barack Obama. It is almost certain that Romney will soon concede the election to President Barack Obama. Republicans have not won the election without Ohio in the favor in their history and tonight it will not be changing one bit. I for one did not see Romney winning this election for a long ways out. His party has just had too many problems along the way and the people surrounding him did not help one bit.

Obama on the other hand has done exceedingly well coming back from a five point deficit late in the game and has now almost certainly won the election unless a recount is called on Ohio. But it is almost certain that Obama has won the election with Ohio turning blue. Florida still has not been called, but it does not even need to be called as Obama will certainly win the electoral college votes without Florida as it stands now. I will be checking back in later as things progress.

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