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Night #1 of the Election

December 13, 2012
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R >20 R 10–20 R 3–10 R ❤ to D ❤ D 3–10 D 10–20 D >20 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well we’re in the first night of the election and the race isn’t in a dead heat right now. Romney has a large advantage over Obama as he picks up the small red states that always go to Republicans. Romney has at least a 50 point lead over Obama right now and a lead this early on in the race is typically common for Republicans as the states to first report in often always turn red.

The big states that will determine the outcome of this election are Ohio and Florida and possibly Oregon, but it is to be believed that Oregon will almost certainly go blue. California will almost certainly go blue which is a whopping amount of electoral college votes. A little fact of the day is that Republicans haven’t been able to win the election without Ohio ever. So it is almost predetermined that Ohio will have to turn red in order for Romney to have a shot to become president.

In the previous election of 2008, Obama won a landslide victory against Republican candidate John McCain, who notoriously picked Sarah Palin as his Vice President. Obama won that election by a huge margin and now he’s looking to hold on by the skin of his teeth this time around. We will see later in the night how it all turns out.

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