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Almost There!

December 13, 2012
Election Day 9

Election Day (Photo credit: Oscalito)

It’s almost election day and the polls have gotten a lot closer since we last checked in with them. Romney and Obama are pretty much split with the polls with the biased polls giving their candidate the one point lead over their opposing candidate. Who will win? I’m not sure but let’s look at a few things before the election day…

Romney still leads the Gallup Poll by one point over Obama in what is often decided as the unbiased poll among the rest of them. The other polls such as CNN/MSNBC and Fox News are pretty much always biased towards one side or the other. One side is trying to rally its voters while the other side does the same. Obama has made quite a remarkable comeback from what seemed an ominous five point disadvantage. Now Obama is only one point behind Romney in a nationwide poll. Obama gained back a whole four points in a month which is a pretty big gain believe it or not.

Coming towards the end of the election, voters will be harder to sway as they lock in their vote for who their candidate will be on the fast approaching November 6 election. Voters are leaning towards Romney right now, but can Romney hold onto that lead with only a few days to go? As long as the GOP stays away from any hazardous subjects they may be able to pull off an upset.

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