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GOP Backs Akin’s Remarks

December 13, 2012
Former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee, speak...

Former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee, speaking to a gathering at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The GOP, in a shocking turn of events, has backed up Todd Akin‘s remarks by supporting his thoughts and expanding on the thought process behind Akin’s remarks. This is an absolute travesty as the GOP has potentially lost all their marbles. How in the world can they be supporting a man making these sorts of comments about rape?!

The GOP has remarkably shown exactly what not to do in this sort of situation. This whole fiasco has become a PR nightmare for the GOP and a who-said-what sort of situation. It’s times like these that the public of America gets fed up with a certain party and demands they straighten up before something blows up. This is exactly that sort of situation.

Mike Huckabee did an even worse job of supporting Todd Akin’s comments by adding that he agreed with Akin’s comments. Neither of these two nimskulls know what they are talking about and obviously if a woman gets rape there is always a possibility of becoming pregnant. I almost thought for a second that we weren’t in that day and age anymore where men weren’t completely incompetent in subjects such as these. And if they are, they should know not to talk about them!

This is insane and the GOP will seriously be docked some voters before this election is over. I’m positive this will hurt them in the end.


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