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The GOP Attacks Women

December 13, 2012

, member of the United States House of Represe...

GOP Missouri Representative, Todd Akin, has made some alarming comments about rape and how rape goes about. This representative from Missouri has suggested differences between “legit” rape and regular rape. How he is a representative, I’m not sure, but we’ll delve into these new developments after the break…

Todd Akin has shocked the people of the nation by suggesting that the victims of “legitimate rape” don’t get pregnant. Now this is just damned foolish for this man to say. Not only does he make a fool of himself talking about a subject that he knows nothing about, but he’s suggesting people of legitimate rape can’t get pregnant! Who is this man to say what happens during rape? This is absolutely ridiculous for the GOP to have this man as a part of their group. They should be embarrassed to have this man in office, period. I don’t understand how a man of this stature can make such comments not only damning himself, but also his party during an election year.

This is a damn shame that this man is ruining a fair run election so far and scaring off potential women voters for the GOP. The GOP needs to make an outcast of this man immediately before he causes more damage to the party and Mitt Romney. This man has single-handedly gotten rid of millions of women voters from the GOP just by making his remarks.  With any luck the GOP will throw this man out on his butt along with his horrendous thoughts.


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