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Getting Close

December 13, 2012

Presidential Election 2012 Vector Sticker

We are getting awfully close to the November 6 presidential election and neither campaign is showing any signs of slowing down. Both presidents are leading in some polls but not the other. Mitt Romney definitely has the advantage though with a few more number of pulls giving him the advantage.

Often the most renowned poll is the Gallup poll for its often accurate results in polling. However, I tend to disagree with the polling this time around and I am convinced that the numbers are wrong being in favor with Romney. Even though Romney won the first debate Obama has dominated in the last two debates where Romney has stumbled tremendously. I don’t think these independent voters have been swayed so easily just by one debate. But I’m saying it now that these numbers are wrong. There just isn’t any factual evidence for Romney to be leading when he has been losing the last two presidential debates.

We will see how it turns out. I’m not entirely sure if the polls have ever been wrong but I strongly feel that these polls are wrong and misguided. The results of these polls may even sway more voters to vote for Romney just because of the way others will be voting. All in all, everything will be turn out alright either way the election goes. I just think that these polls are wrong and hopefully they will change by the end of the election. Romney has lost a lot of voters just by being related to what has been going on in the GOP recently. The GOP needs to get their act together in order to attract more voters.

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