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Second Debate Coming Up!

October 18, 2012

The second debate is coming up on Tuesday, October 16 and it should definitely be a good one! Romney won the last debate and certainly picked up some points with voters as he gained a few points in the polls as well all across the country. We’ll talk a bit more about the second debate, more after the jump!

Candy Crowley will be moderating the second debate and hopefully she will be a much better moderator than Jim Lehrer was the first time. Neither candidate listened to Jim Lehrer because the moderator did not have any control over that debate whatsoever. Despite Romney winning, I’m sure the moderator could have controlled the situation a bit better and gotten onto more important topics than the two or three that were mentioned in the first debate.

It should be interesting to hear what topics they will talk about. My guess is a couple questions about the economy, one or two about education, and as always a few about energy and how our country is going to move forward with it. Hopefully gay marriage will stay out of the debate as I do not think that is an important topic right now. We need to be focusing on our economy and jobs right now. Gas prices are still too high and so is unemployment in this country.

I think Obama is going to much better this time around and I predict that he wins the second debate. We will see! Should be a good one!

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