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Romney Gains After First Debate

October 18, 2012

Last night’s debate was certainly a doozie for President Obama. Mitt Romney had a wonderful night at the debate and appeared to be well received. Although Obama made educated points, his answers were a bit cluttered for the average voter and didn’t seem clear and concise. For more on the first debate, more after the jump!

Obama looked downright awful last night as he certainly appeared that he had not slept a wink in the past week. He appeared tired and slow on the TV and it definitely did not bode well for the president.

In my opinion, Romney made points that were so general and bland that it probably won any basic over because he tried to be so likable and he actually pulled it off. I was seriously caught off guard with how well Romney did against Obama. Obama is normally cool, calm and collected and it appeared that Obama was taken aback by how well Romney was performing. Myself included. Obama made points, but it seemed like he wasn’t clear enough on what he was saying that he seemed foggy himself. Not a good sign you want to show to your voters.

All in all, I expect Romney to pick up quite a few points in the polls after this first debate. We will see if he can continue to do well in the second debate or if it was just a fluke. I expect Obama to come back strong in the second debate with a win there.

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