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Romney Ahead Seven Points in New Gallup Poll

October 18, 2012

According to a new Gallup poll, Romney is leading President Obama by a whopping seven points in a 52-45 lead. What a dramatic turn the polls have taken since the first presidential debate. How Romney gained more voters between the two debates is beyond me, but we’ll look into it more after the jump!


Romney has taken a gigantic leap forward in his largest lead he has taken during the whole race. Starting from more than 8 candidates in the GOP, it appears the party has finally taken the lead over President Obama showing that the underdog can make a definite comeback.

I’m not quite sure how Romney has gained such a huge lead in a matter of a few days as nothing has happened except for the second debate in which Romney had almost certainly lost and tied at best. I don’t understand how such a dramatic lead change could occur like this without some major flub by the president or something done by the Romney camp. To my knowledge, nothing has happened in either camp of any dramatic nature. This new poll hsa definitely caught me by surprise.

However, the Gallup poll is the only poll stating that Romney is in the lead by more than two points. Even Fox News, one of the more openly GOP party supporters, has their polls with Romney with only a one point advantage over Obama. So perhaps something was done wrong in the poll, we’ll never know. We’ll just have to wait and see! The election is in two weeks! Exciting!


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