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Post Second Debate Thoughts

October 18, 2012

Wow! What a debate! That was definitely an intense debate. The second debate was last night and it was absolutely nuts! Romney and Obama were at each others throats all night and at a few points almost yelling at each other. The debate was much more well moderated with Candy Crowley as the moderator, doing a much better job than the first moderator. More after the jump!

What a debate last night. If you missed it, I urge you to go watch it in its entirety because it was definitely worthwhile.

The two candidates were taking non-stop shots at each other all night and was probably one of the more intense debates I’ve ever witnessed. It was a town hall style debate where candidates would stand up and move about the room as they were given the answer. It was a style I much preferred over the standard debate format. It definitely felt like more of a debate than the first go round. I was on twitter and it appeared that many users were actually watching the debate. Which is definitely a good sign, in my opinion, that younger folks were watching the debate and quotes from the debate were the top trending topics on twitter at the time.

In my personal opinion, I think Obama won last night with a few more one liners and more stats and facts to back himself up. He was much more clear and concise this time around as well which definitely supported his case. Still, a very good job done by both candidates last night. Keep it peaceful boys!

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