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Clint Eastwood vs. Bill Clinton

September 13, 2012

Both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions always leave behind at least one awesome speech and one strange speech. This year was no different with Clint Eastwood leading the odd speech while Bill Clinton lead the awesome speech. We’ll delve into the situations, more after the jump!
Clint Eastwood spoke at the Republican National Convention and quickly became a Republican sensation. This was short-lived as Eastwood’s speech carried on, things became a bit weird. Eastwood began speaking to an empty chair pretending that Obama was the “empty chair” making it seem as if Obama has done nothing the four years he has been in office. This sensation quickly turned into an embarrassment for the Republicans as the 40 minute conversation between the chair and himself, rapidly turning into a viral, media sensation. Eastwood quickly became the laughing stock of the internet for a day while people questioned his sanity. Eastwood was later interviewed after the convention and he responded by saying that he is still sane and he’s not off his rocker.

Bill Clinton on the other hand, delivered a wonderful speech that many had praised. Although Clinton was only supposed to give a 20 minute speech, ended up rambling on for 44 minutes. Despite staying long past his welcome, many rejoiced after Clinton’s speech as some people called it the most fact-packed, inspiring speech they had ever heard. Clinton had stated many facts to backup his speech in support for Obama including one where Clinton said, “Democrats have generated 24 million more jobs than the Republicans.” This of course was welcomed by a huge cheer from the audience.

However, these were just the conventions and held almost no water to what is going to come. Stay tuned for the October 3rd presidential debate!

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